Investment Property Sales or Leasing

What is your required return? What is your risk tolerance? Is your business going to be the tenant? What is your tolerance for management headaches? Are you using 1031 funds? Do you care if the investment is in our area? Where do you plan to retire?

The underlying theme of our service is to uncover your goals – short and long term – and with some clients help them discover their goals if they haven’t yet thought that far ahead. Once we have a goal we can pursue it.

If you are thinking of investing in commercial real estate or if you are already a seasoned investor, we invite you to contact Aegis. Let’s have coffee and discuss your wants and needs, see if we have similar thoughts and, if so, take the next step.

Leasing up your Investment Property

Investment property sometimes have vacancies – it comes with the territory. Or maybe we helped you steal a property because it was all or mostly vacant and we’ve formulated a plan to bring in quality tenants. Either way, when Aegis represents your space you can expect better than average results. Are we miracle workers? No. But as with properties for sale, Aegis is a cooperative brokerage, which means we don’t keep your listing in house or hide it from other brokers to avoid splitting the commission.

We will list your space on LoopNet, CoStar and, giving you truly global coverage. We will create a list of potential buyers and work the phones.

We email thousands of brokers and agents regularly to ask if they have a tenant that might fit your property.

After years in the business we have an email database of hundreds of tenants, developers and investors, and hundreds more attorneys, accountants and other professionals who have clients that may be looking for a property like yours. We have appraisers, environmental firms, owners, banks, hard money lenders, engineers, architects and so on.In total we have over 6,000 marketable email addresses, each involved in commercial real estate in some context.

Aegis gives you the best exposure you can get, and that means the best chance to get the highest possible price.Call us today and let’s meet. We believe you’ll find that we are different – in a better way.

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