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Have you ever worked with a service provider and found yourself wondering if they were on the same page as you? At Aegis our flowchart to concluding a successful transaction begins with finding out what you want to achieve. Sometimes it is straightforward and other times less so, and then there are times when a client’s goals evolve over time.

Knowing our clients’ goals and faithfully pursuing the best path to their actualization is our means of succeeding in the competitive world of commercial real estate brokerage. The fact that we have clients who return to us time and again tells us we’re doing something right. Put simply, your success is our success.

Getting The Deal Done

As a former appraiser and broker of 12 years, Ron Czebiniak states; “I can tell you that commercial real estate deals fall apart for all sorts of reasons:”

  • Terms & conditions
  • Zoning
  • Financing
  • Environmental issues
  • Timing

And of those that do get done a lot had higher soft costs than necessary (due diligence, closing, financing, etc.) because the issues were not dealt with by an experienced Brokerage that placed its clients’ best interests front and center. At Aegis we stay on top of things to make sure they get done. We provide a strategy for achieving your goal with the shortest possible route and we advise our clients on how to shop for not only the best property or space, but the best financing.

“I have a business to run – this is killing me!”

We know how much head space a real estate deal can take up if it’s not your primary business. “Mental overhead” comes with real estate deals in the form of keeping track of all the moving pieces,
performing tasks and just plain stress. It can make you miserable and in some cases it can kill a deal. An important function here at Aegis is to take as much of the load off of your shoulders as possible. There are a lot of players involved in a successful deal – attorneys, lending institutions, appraisers, environmental consultants, inspectors & engineers…the list goes on. We make the earliest possible contact and regularly communicate with everyone involved to make sure that communications flow smoothly, that potential problems are anticipated and resolved, that deadlines are met and so forth. In short, we quarterback the many moving parts to bring your deal to a smooth, successful conclusion.

Call Aegis today for your commercial brokerage needs! Ron Czebiniak or another experienced agent will help you.

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